10 differences between here and there…..

10 differences between here and there…… 4th of July….if we were out of school for every holiday of the countries represented at RVA, the kids would never learn! So July 4th was another day of school. MiKenna and Brody did do a couple special things in their classrooms, Michael headed up a student softball game, andContinue reading “10 differences between here and there…..”

Second Nature

Upon our arrival to Kenya back in October, there were MANY things which were new, different or strange to us. Over the past 7 months of living here, these differences have become more like second nature to us. Things like pasteurizing milk, making sour cream from buttermilk, walking as the primary mode of transportation, hangingContinue reading “Second Nature”

Our First Easter in Kenya…different, but wonderful

Easter was different this year…. Who am I kidding? EVERYTHING has been different since we moved to Africa! I do want to share about our first Easter here in Kenya. It was definitely different, but absolutely a blessing! First of all, we had some very special visitors from America. Michael’s parents came to spend a coupleContinue reading “Our First Easter in Kenya…different, but wonderful”

Be Still

My head is spinning. Should we sell this? Should we pack that? The air filter needs to be changed. Can’t remember the last time I vacuumed. The kids’ immunizations are finished…wait, how did the doctor miss that Maverick still needed his last Hib vaccine? We’ve only had 15 visits to different doctors in the last 2 months. OurContinue reading “Be Still”