It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

If you were like me, I fchristmastree2015igured that when Christmas came around, surely we would just go outside and find some kind of branch and have a “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree. Boy was I glad to see this really great tree and strand of lights at the supermarket in Nairobi! A few store-bought and several hand-made ornaments, our own stockings and Christmas pictures, an African nativity scene made from banana leaves, our traditional Advent Calendar, and of course, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” book narrated by Aunt Gabby and Uncle Adam…… and it feels like home (almost). photo 1 (2)Tonight, it was hephoto 2 (3)art-warming being able to continue our family’s tradition of decorating the tree together. It was Maverick’s first time actually getting to put ornaments on (well, he would put them on and take them off…. and most of them were in the same 12-square-inch area). You can always tell what size children were helping with ornaments since that’s where the decorations stop. So, after all were in bed, I may have redecoratedphoto 4 (1) the tree. 😉 Let’s see if they notice in the morning!
photo 3 (1)


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