Question of the Day…

The question of the day is….. “How is everything going with you guys?” Well, this is what our life is filled with these days:

PACKING!  So we bought our first packing tubs! We are going to pack to the max about 15 of these bad boys to take with us to Kenya. EVERYTHING ELSE must go! We are selling our cars, our house, and everything in them that can’t fit in these containers. The kids already have one in each of their rooms with the assignment of filling them with whatever toys, stPackingTubuffed animals, books or puzzles they want to take with them overseas. This has made it easier for them to let go of some of the things they think they “just can’t do without,” and they’re empowered a little, since they get to choose! Since being officially appointed by our mission board (Africa Inland Mission) in June, Brody has almost daily packed a bag to go to Africa. He was the first to quickly fill his container!

YARD SALE!   We had our first of at least 2 yard sales, just trying IMG_0864to clear things out a bit. The sale was successful! And our house is beginning to look more and more like we’re moving out. Several big pieces of furniture have already been sold, so things are looking a little empty. I think Brody enjoys all the space that has been cleared in his room.  Makes for a good wrestling ring!

IMG_0700 (1)

MiKenna and Brody also had success at their Rainbow Loom Bracelet/Paper Airplane stand that day. They were quite the “saleskids.”


OUR WORK STATION… This past month we have spent a lot of time at our “missionary work station.” This is the table where all the letter writing, email typing, blog posting, and envelope stuffing and stamping happens! We have enjoyed communicating with all of you.  If you are reading this bphoto (3)log and would like to have more information about our journey to Africa and the work God has given us to do there, feel free to contact us at We love to share our ministry vision and answer questions you may have!

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